Sylvia Nibley is an award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about making life easier for heart-centered entrepreneurs and people ready for massive transformation. She gets phenomenal results with her clients and has helped thousands of people wake up to the truth of who they really are. Her background is in practicing and teaching bodywork, energy healing, personal growth and heart-centered business skills. Her depth of expertise has developed over 20 years of passionate commitment and service as an entrepreneur, healer, spiritual guide and teacher. Drawing from a deep connection to nature and guided by a constant connection to spirit, Sylvia brings love and transformation to everyone she touches.
“I believe all of us are already perfect and whole, with all the inner resources we need to live our full potential, there just happens to be old, limiting debris in the way and I love to help you get to the root of those limitations, pull them out by the root and replace them with empowering beliefs, so that you can get on with living your life in the freedom and joy that is your natural state!”  – Sylvia
I know you to be the most high integrity, loving, fabulous person to work with, Sylvia. Your work is amazing. – Dianasue Holland, Natural Healing Made Easy You and your business could not be in better hands than with Sylvia – Jeannette Maw, GoodVibeCoach.com Sylvia offers a path to success based on integrity, respect, and mindfulness, along with the kind of practical business advice I need. – Karen Salas, LMT, Co-owner, Vitalize Community Studio Sylvia is, as they say, the real deal – Mark Holland, Cambridge Financial Center Sylvia is a magical wood-nymph turned business, and the combination is a win-win for all. – Rhea Bouman Sylvia is exceptionally skilled at cutting through the blocks to change. – Independent Filmmaker, Los Angeles Sylvia Nibley is a stunningly intuitive individual. – Chuck Acklin, ResultsbyVolti.com Sylvia is a master of all masters. Her creativity knows no boundaries and she is always helping people to better themselves. She is an extraordinary person. – JoAnn Hanson, EvergreenAccountingServices.com