Money Mastery 6-Week Immersion



This breakthrough program is designed to powerfully transform your relationship with money for the rest of your life! Check this out… 

100% of active participants of the Money Mastery course reported experiencing significantly more abundance, more ease and receptivity in their lives as a result of taking this course.

Here are some of their comments:


“Since taking the Money Mastery Course with Sylvia my relationship with money has completely evolved. For so many years I felt like there was never enough even when there was a lot.

Now there’s no upset. I’m even facing financial risks and laughing. Money is fun now (even funny). My focus has shifted towards abundance in the Here and Now and money is simply an interesting part of playing with that. I just know things are okay and I don’t even know how I know that.”
Fred Coyote


“Growing up, you weren’t allowed to discus what you earned or how much debt you have or anything, it was like, taboo to even talk about money with anyone in your life, and so being able to talk and joke about it feels good.

Money is not outside of myself anymore, it’s not an issue. It feels like I am abundance, I am living an abundant life. I’m making over 5 times what I was making when I started this course. I’m allowing what works and releasing what doesn’t work, just being in the flow and being okay with all of it. I just go along laughing saying, “This is fun. My life is easy.”

I used to waste a lot of time in distractions and now I’m just living fully. I’ve been doing this work with Sylvia for years now and it’s transformed every level of my life.
Darcy Butcher


“My attitude about money has changed. I’m just not stressed about it anymore. You know, in it comes, out it goes, it’s just in flow and I feel good about that. And I’ve raised the rates of my services, and I started getting all these new clients.”
Linda Richards


 I’m a lot more peaceful and trusting about money…I was able to make the decision to put my family first when my mom was in the hospital with pneumonia…without having to be panicky about the money thing.  And I’ve been recognizing the richness in my life beyond cash, too.
Darliss O’Donnell


Now I have a trust in my life, in my life force, in myself. It’s not just an idea but it’s a somatic experience in my body. Regardless of the number amount of money in my life. That is extraordinarily valuable to me. I’m feeling really solid and I’m really, really grateful for that.
– Donda Hartsfield


“My results from the Money Mastery course were different than I thought, but really profound. Initially, I thought “I’ll make a huge amount of money and then my problems will be over,” but what happened for me was I realized the true abundance I already have. The desire for a lot of money just isn’t a driving force anymore. I’m more focused on other things.

Now there’s a deep sense of peace, well-being and trust. I’m also experiencing natural, spontaneous gratitude, where before I had to consciously remember to practice gratitude and come up with a list of things I could be grateful for. Now I’m living in gratitude with no effort.”
Dan Altman


Now I’m actually buying things that I want and not just things that I need to have. I had an opportunity come up to make more money but I didn’t want to have to work more, so I decided I want more money without having to work harder, then I easily cut some expenses so now I have more money. I just don’t spend a lot of time thinking about money anymore. And I’m being more generous with money. I’m not holding on. Not feeling any scarcity.
– Michelle Abbott

“I feel a lot more peaceful about money. I’ve got less worry and less fear around it. I have more clarity about what I want. I still think about winning the lottery, but not as much. I also don’t avoid talking about money like I used to. I’ve actually asked my husband to sit down and go through our finances, and I want to know where we’re at, where before I didn’t even want to know. I’m in a lot better place.”
– Valerie Maundrell


“The most outstanding breakthrough I noticed was when I sat down and very excitedly wrote down all of my expenses and bills like it was the funnest thing I could do. … and I swear there was no anxiety about it, which was a bit of a shock. I just felt so grateful for where I am and all the opportunities that I have right here and right now…the anxiety has really just diminished completely, it’s just a memory now.”
Veronica Ambar

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you didn’t have any stress about money?

What if every day there was an absence of fear about making enough money,
having enough money,
getting more money,
spending money,
or losing money?

Not even a fearful thought to creep into an ordinary day. And without fear, imagine all the energy that would be available for living your precious life. That’s what I’ve been experiencing for the last year and will be sharing in the Money Mastery course.

The programming for scarcity and lack that most of us inherit from day one goes back way further than you’d guess, but the good news is no matter how long the limitations have been there, you can change them—deeply, quickly and permanently—and I’ll show you how.



The unique thing about money is that our subconscious programming about it reaches into SO MANY directions and so many places in our lives that it’s like a big, gnarly root that isn’t easily unraveled with one go round. And it’s not something you can just ‘get’ by repeating affirmations or reading a book about thinking rich or having an abundance mindset (you’ve probably tried this already).

That’s why I’ve created this program–to dive into the root causes of our challenges with money, change them at the root level and experience breakthroughs that last.

I am all about deep, accelerated transformation and am using tools that work over 10x faster than most methods, so we do cover a lot of that underground territory.

Here are just some of the areas connected to money that we work with in the course:

• Survival
• Deserving
• Personal worth
• Giving & Receiving
• Success & Failure
• Security
• Cultural class
• Life Purpose
• Health
• Family
• Freedom

Wondering if this is a fit for you?

Here’s a recording of the preview call. Listen and learn:

• How you may be pushing money away without even knowing it
• How to get to the root cause of your biggest challenges with money and finally breakthrough
• How to tap into the natural money mojo you’ve always had



• You’ll get to experience transformation in all the aspects of your life that money touches.

• You’ll get to the root cause of your biggest challenges with money and reprogram the very thoughts that create your finances in a way that’s deep and permanent.

• You’ll also get to make significant, permanent changes in your core beliefs about making, spending, saving, investing and all the different ways you relate to money.

• You’ll get to create the inner environment to naturally attract money instead of pushing it away.

• You’ll create a mindset that will allow you to end your money fears forever.

• You’ll reset your relationship to numbers and raise your ‘set point‘ for money.

• You’ll learn to see opportunities you didn’t see before.

• You’ll have different thoughts and feelings about money which will allow you to take different actions and create new habits, which translates to different results!


Bonus…all of this happens in the setting of powerful group energy. You are not alone. You are in great company with other people having breakthroughs and supporting you with yours which makes it all work even better!

Another Bonus
Unlimited repeats of the program are included. Why come back and take it again? Because even when your new beliefs are “installed” and test strong, you can take them deeper and see shifts even faster. It’s also an opportunity to add your own ideas to the lists of beliefs we work with. You can get double the value…or more!

• 6 Sessions over the phone

• We start on Saturday October 26th
and meet every Saturday afternoon through November 30th

Session 1: Saturday, October 26th, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Session 2: Saturday, November 2nd, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Session 3: Saturday, November 9th, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Session 4: Saturday, November 16th, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Session 5: Saturday, November 23rd, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Session 6: Saturday, November 30th, 1:00pm – 3:30pm

(Mountain Time)

Attending the sessions live is recommended, but audio recordings will be made available each week.

• Daily homework (10-20 minutes)


You will powerfully transform your relationship with money in this program. I guarantee it. When you participate, you’ll understand how you’ve been unconsciously sabotaging abundance and keeping money away, but more importantly, you will change your subconscious programming about money in a profound and lasting way. You’ll be able to access new thoughts and feelings about money. You’ll be able to build a whole new mindset about money (that stays with you) and create new behaviors and habits from that new perspective.


I guarantee that when you fully participate in the 6-week immersion, you will come away with a radically and measurably better relationship with money.

In my experience, this is deep and lasting change that actually gets stronger over time, so if in ONE YEAR from the time you complete the program, you don’t feel the value is 10 times what you invested, I’ll give you your money back.

Guarantee Criteria
In order to honor this guarantee, the following minimum level of participation is required:
Attend or listen and participate with all 6 sessions at least once. Complete at least 80% of homework.

This is the same process I’ve used for countless breakthroughs around money myself and with many clients. What I know now is that your relationship with money can change, easily, quickly and permanently. I also know that money is not the center of  life, but it is definitely an important part of the foundation.


Instead of me telling you what I think it’s worth, I’ll just share what participants said when asked what they felt the total lifetime value was of the breakthroughs they had in the Money Mastery course.


“40 million dollars”

“There’s no limit, to spirit, abundance, or money. You can’t even cap it!”

“What about the years added to life about not worrying, not having stress, not creating disease in the body? And measuring the expression of ease and joy, I mean, how do you put a value on that?”

“I’ve been making more connections with more people, and I’ve been giving people money, there’s human connection that’s priceless.”


“I just got out my calculator to add this up and I don’t my calculator is big enough to add up all these numbers. This is exciting!”


What is investing in your financial peace of mind worth?
Are you ready to completely unplug from scarcity?

If so, I look forward to rocking the world of money with you!

In the Money Mastery Immersion program we cover what would typically take 15-20 individual sessions with me and cost $2,000-$3,000. Really.

Yes! I’m ready…

$567 for this powerful 6-week program in one payment


3 payments of $226
(30 days apart)


Group size is limited and we sold out in 3 days last time I opened this up, plus it’s the last time in the foreseeable future I’ll be offering this program live, so if you’re feeling inspired to transform your relationship with money in a big way, get your spot now!


  1. Jason

    Hi, when is next money mastery immersion (dates)?
    Do you do one on one coaching?

    • Sylvia

      Hi Jason, Thanks for asking. The Money Mastery course sold out and got rave reviews! I’ll be offering one more live course this year in May or June (I’m just working on my schedule of programs). Yes, I do offer one-on-one coaching. Just email or call me (801-486-8444) and we can talk about what breakthroughs you’re looking for.

  2. Brenda Robinson

    Hey Sylvia, it’s me Brenda Robinson your community and FB friend. It’s about time I contacted you right? I really need this. I have been working on figuring out my financial issues and slowly learning to improve them in my own Voice Over business and in other areas of my life. I am still struggling in the money area right now but it’s getting better. The catch 22 is that I don’t have the finances right now to pay for anything and I don’t expect you to do anything for free, but is there a way I can at least listen to the past phone call? I couldn’t find it here.

  3. Jennifer Aston

    Hi Sylvia,

    So, i think at this time I just want to take the first two courses as part of the money mindset at this time please!
    I am hoping there is still space for this!

    thank you sooo much!



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