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No matter how many books you’ve read, courses you’ve taken or coaches you’ve worked with, if you have limiting beliefs about any part of your business hiding out in your subconscious mind (and we all do), they will be interfering with your success whether you’re aware of them or not. If it were just about having the right information, we’d be done already. The truth is the beliefs you’ve had since early childhood create your thoughts, your feelings your actions, your results — your reality. If you’re curious about what you really believe — just look at your life, your business, your relationships, your health, finances, emotions, attitude, stress level, the things you put off — all the clues are right there.
These short, but high-impact sessions help you blast through the limiting beliefs that get in the way of thriving in your business. If you’ve struggled with ANY part of your business like; not marketing because you don’t want to be ‘salesy,’ cash flow, being visible, balancing your work and personal life or you’ve felt frustrated about trying to grow your business and baffled about why people don’t just buy your stuff when you know you’re following your heart, consider jumping into this program for massive transformation. Results are guaranteed! Designed especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs, the ROOT CHANGE: BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH course draws from my work with thousands of business owners and integrates with the material in my Grow Your Business Organically  home study course.
Because I’ve worked with so many entrepreneurs to find the roots of those gnarly limiting beliefs underneath business struggles, I’ve already done the detective work.  Hundreds of hours of it actually. So the good news for you is you can save a ton of time and money and simply step into massive change that’s easier than you’ve ever imagined. No drama. No need for stories or endless analyzing how your limitations got there.
No need to spend years and years chipping away at the same issues and changing very little. I’ve put hundreds of empowering beliefs in this program that I promise are better than what you’ve already got. And I know we can get these beliefs programmed into your subconscious where they belong very quickly and easily. Then, once you’ve really GOT these awesome, upgraded beliefs wired in (we can actually measure and verify it), change in your life and your business can be immediate and profound.
Each workshop gives you 40 – 100 new beliefs programmed into your subconscious in a way that will last. We can accomplish what would usually take 10 – 15 individual sessions (with even the most effective belief-changing methods) in just one group session.  At the common rate of $150 per session, that’s $1,500 to $2,200 (plus a lot of time) for the amount of change you get with ONE these business sessions. Really. P.S. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to get value from this course. Some of these workshops have given a huge boost to people in all kinds of situations. * To get the most benefit, the LIFE FOUNDATIONS workshops are highly recommended with this series.

Business Breakthrough Workshops

• Business Cornerstones We install the basic, bedrock beliefs needed to succeed in business including; releasing the fear of failure and success, deserving to be well paid, allowing yourself to be naturally good at business, managing all the details of your business, confidence, trusting yourself and a whole lot more. • Business Keystones Once you’ve got a basic foundation of beliefs that support your success (see the Business Cornerstones workshop), things can get really fun. This upgrade includes; higher levels of power, confidence, intuition and freedom from limiting patterns like; overwhelm, the need to prove yourself,  and procrastination. You were born to be successful. Now remove anything in the way and get to it! Money and Abundance Breakthrough with money by upgrading the beliefs you have about it. How would it change your life to believe without question that you’re great with money, you allow it to flow easily and effortlessly, it’s easy for you to make a great living doing work you love and more than 50 other powerful beliefs about money? Come find out! Life Purpose/Vision Sometimes the beliefs we have about ourselves and the stories other people have told us about what we can and can’t do keep us from even knowing our life purpose, let alone living it. In this session we clean up the old programming so that you feel safe and confident in discovering and pursuing your dreams and living from your highest blueprint. Gifts and Skills Here’s a small sample of the big beliefs you’ll get in this session:
      • I release any resistance to my natural gifts and talents
      • I naturally attract people who are a match for my gifts
      • I allow myself to express my gifts freely
      • I let go of the need to be good at everything
      • I have plenty of resources to develop my gifts and skills …and over 50 more
    • Communication Even though this is an important workshop in the Business Breakthrough Course, it’s good for ANYONE! We all seem to have had some trauma along the road about being seen and heard for who we really are. Reboot your communication programs so you know what you have to say is valuable. Let go of the fear of other people’s reactions, let go of resistance, hiding, ignoring–all the patterns that get in the way of speaking the truth–your truth. • Your Divine Market Ever try to be everything to everyone? Then you know it doesn’t work so well. Rather than marketing to anyone who might pay you, consider being crystal-clear about who you’re really meant to serve. Your “Divine Market” is where your deepest gifts meet the world’s greatest need and you get to experience deep fulfillment with your work. It’s a match made in heaven. You get the joy of work you love while your clients are thrilled to work with you. It all starts with believing. Leading The days are gone when we need to wait for permission or have leadership bestowed on us. Whatever your experience of leadership and authority has been in your life, you’ve made decisions that are affecting how you use power — or not. The need for clear, heart-centered leaders to help solve problems is pressing and anyone who is brave enough and willing enough to step forward can make a big difference. Tap into your full power. Lead a movement. Change the world. It all starts from within. Creativity Creativity doesn’t just have to do with making things. Sure it’s about creating art and business products and ideas, but it also includes everything. We create our lives and our work, our thoughts and our feelings. We create love, beauty and abundance — every aspect of our reality. In this workshop you get to upgrade your relationship to the creative process in a big way and open to the power of creation itself. Visibility This is one of THE biggest and most common stumbling blocks I see with heart-centered entrepreneurs because it’s connected to taproots way back in childhood. Chances are you experienced receiving negative attention or not receiving positive attention and because of that you made decisions about how much to allow yourself to be seen. Fast forward to being an entrepreneur and if you’ve brought any patterns of hiding along from the past they can seriously interfere with your success. In this workshop we clean up your relationship with receiving attention and by the end, chances are you’ll be saying “I love being seen” and really mean it. Marketing Mindset Many entrepreneurs are excited and passionate about sharing their gifts…until they run into resistance to the “M” word. I often hear, “Don’t like it. Doesn’t feel good. Don’t want to do it. Don’t know where to start.” Resistance to marketing can set up some serious struggle in your business. The roots of this resistance are way down there in the subconscious where they can get in the way for years, but fortunately even if you haven’t loved putting yourself out there where people can buy your stuff, that can change quickly and easily. Marketing can feel good, clean and open-hearted. Yeah. Choose that. Selling Success Do you have resistance to selling? Don’t know what to say, don’t want to bother people with offers to buy or face the possibility of rejection? In this session we blast through the limiting beliefs that get in the way of earning the money you deserve. In one hour, people who take this workshop go from resistance, fear and doubt to confidence, power and joy about selling — and it lasts. And guess what? People who are really comfortable with selling — make money! Happy Customers When your clients are happy with you, they rave about your work and do your best marketing for you — word-of-mouth. Make sure you have beliefs to support building great long-term relationships, making clear agreements, solving conflicts, being excellent at follow-up, delivering what you promise and welcoming feedback, to name a few. Team Building As a former queen of the Little Red Hens, I know something about the trap of trying to do everything yourself. Unfortunately it’s a very common pattern among entrepreneurs wearing every hat in their business and usually keeps us maxed out, overwhelmed, unable to slow down and unable to break through to the next level of success. If this is what’s happening for you, I’ll bet you a hampster wheel there are some limiting beliefs about accepting, affording and trusting support. Get off the treadmill. Change your beliefs and start building your team! Technology is my Friend Are you taking those technical difficulties personally or saying things like “I’m just not good with computers?” You can change that. There’s no doubt technology is here to stay and keep changing every few months, so whether you’re a creative free spirit who doesn’t like to look at a screen, a reluctant online newbie or a seasoned professional who wants to use the tools available to reach an unlimited number of people with hardly any overhead, it’s important to have a friendly relationship with technology all the way down to the subconscious mind, because — resistance is futile. Everyone from technophobes to IT gurus have loved this workshop. Request a topic My intention is to cover any area of beliefs that get in the way of you thriving in business. If you can think of something I haven’t included above, I’ll add it. Just let me know if you have any questions. ________________________________________________________________________ • Buy single workshops, just $47 each or as low as $33 each with the package below _______________________________________________________________________


    Get the entire course for just $487 Get the entire course for 4 payments of $147

    Keep the Change Guarantee

    I’ve seen such remarkable results with this work, I feel totally confident about including a “keep the change” guarantee for any belief you balance and then test strong for in these programs. If for some reason, a belief tests weak again, I’ll rebalance it again for free. In my experience, once you’ve got the empowering belief in place, you don’t go back. Now, how often do you hear that in personal growth work? P.S. Your satisfaction is of course, also guaranteed. ….
    These programs are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. You are responsible for your own well being.


    1. Veronica

      My biggest business challenge is: getting started! I’ve not been focusing on the very fun project I really want to begin. I feel afraid that it will not succeed, that I lose money in it somehow, and that people will not be interested in a consistent basis. I need me some breakthroughs 🙂

      • Sylvia

        Thanks for the comment, Veronica. These are all fears that can be outgrown!

    2. Jim

      I do work on a par of those who charge much more than I do. Breaking through that barrier has been tough. I love to offer a good deal, but others are profiting at my expense. Help me, Sylvia!

    3. Peg Rasband

      My biggest challenge in beliefs is that there are soooo many people in this valley doing healing and spiritual work. What have I got to offer that is unique?

    4. Sylvia

      Tell me what YOUR biggest challenge is in business right here, and I may make a video about how to unravel it once and for all.


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