Life Foundations

There are some beliefs that go so deep and have been there so long, they probably don’t even see the light of day because they’re at a level deeper than conscious thought, but whether you know it or not, they’re running your life. What are they and how did they get there? Whatever experiences you had when you were young caused you to make decisions about who you are, what you deserve, what’s safe and what’s not safe and a whole lot more. For example, if you had the experience of not being loved unconditionally, you probably made a decision like “I’m not lovable” or “there’s something wrong with me.” Doesn’t mean it’s true, it just means those were the conclusions you came to because of the circumstances. And once those decisions were made — and there are thousands of them — your subconscious (which includes your whole body with its cellular memory) did what it does best and has been faithfully matching your life experiences to what you believe ever since. So by the time you were 6 years old, your deepest core beliefs about yourself and the world were rooted in at a subconscious level. And the tricky thing is that because we think it’s “just the way things are” those beliefs don’t usually get questioned — or changed.
Less than magical childhood? How conscious, happy and fulfilled were your parents from the time you were born to when you were 6? Were they able to love you unconditionally and give you positive messages about who you are, what you deserve and what you’re capable of? Were they able to give you a foundation so solid that you’ve sailed through life with no doubt about how magnificent you are knowing that the world is a safe and loving place? Probably not. And they probably didn’t get that either. There’s strong evidence that every experience (positive and negative) that we have between birth and 6 years of age is instantly “downloaded” into our subconscious minds and creates the mental and emotional programs we continue to run throughout our lives. Your parents programmed you for success or failure in the same way their parents programmed them and so on, which usually adds up to a whole lot of limitation and unconsciousness that gets passed on and on — until we change the programs.
Once programmed into the subconscious mind…beliefs control the child’s biology for the rest of his life unless he works consciously to free himself from their influence. A child who is told he “will never amount to anything” will become that which he has heard and internalized; by the same token, a child who is told he can do whatever he sets his mind to will experience a stronger sense of benevolent destiny. – Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist
Not set in stone Even though childhood programs can easily run indefinitely, they CAN be changed. What we know now — with new understanding in neuroscience — is that the brain is actually designed to rewire itself even when less-than-wonderful programs have been running for a long time. We can consciously choose to overcome challenges in our “hard wiring.” By accessing the power of the whole brain at the same level that beliefs are created–the subconscious–lasting change can happen very easily and quickly. We can replace limited, fear-based beliefs with the empowering beliefs needed for significant change. In just two LIFE FOUNDATIONS workshops it’s possible to quickly and measurably change many of the most basic, bedrock beliefs that create your foundational experience of life and release dozens of patterns of limitation. Over 10x faster and 10x less expensive The LIFE FOUNDATIONS workshops cover over 200 of the absolute basic, bedrock beliefs that everyone needs to live a happy life. Even with the best belief-changing methods it would take 20 – 30 sessions with a practitioner to cover this much territory one-on-one. At the common rate of $150 per session, that’s $3,000 to $4,500 (plus all those hours) for the same level of change that you get in just two workshopsReally? I know this is a bold thing to suggest, but let me explain because I’ve been on both sides of this equation. Here’s how it usually works. You sit down with a practitioner trained in this sort of thing (hopefully a method that works at the subconscious level, not just the conscious) and talk about the challenges you’re experiencing so that together you can uncover the patterns underneath them. Then, once you’ve done the “discovery” work, you do whatever process allows the beliefs to be changed, or the healing to happen, you thank the practitioner, whip out your checkbook (usually $100 or more per hour) and go on your way — hopefully with some real change that will last. In a session like this you’d typically work with 5 – 10 beliefs, and if you’ve done this kind of work, you know it can be totally worth the investment. Really, it’s amazing that patterns you’ve had your whole life can be changed in just minutes. But we can do even better I’ve worked with many people one-on-one for years and I’ve noticed that the patterns underneath life’s biggest challenges are remarkably similar. It doesn’t seem to matter where someone is from, what their income is, or how much personal growth work they’ve done, at the root of most struggle is still fear, feelings of unworthiness, self-rejection and many limitations that are far too common. Turns out those limiting beliefs aren’t all that original, so I started tracking these patterns and collecting the most important beliefs necessary to build a strong foundation for a happy life. Then I discovered that the re-patterning of beliefs can actually happen much more quickly than one-at-a-time and can also be done with a lot of people at the same time and because I’ve already done so much discovery work—hundreds of hours of it—you can simply step into massive change that’s easier than you’ve ever imagined. No drama. No need for stories or endless analyzing how your limitations got there. The why it happened and the how it happened become a less important place to spend your time, energy and money. By accessing large numbers of deeply rooted beliefs and transforming them very quickly,  you can start experiencing the freedom to simply live life — your own life. We get in there, get the work done and get the changes happening. So there you have it. We really can accomplish deep, significant change more than 10x faster. You don’t have to spend years and years chipping away at the same core issues and seeing very little change. Imagine a whole group of people experiencing massive personal transformation at the same time and walking away with measurable shifts that last. I get to see this ALL the time and the results constantly amaze me and my clients! In fact, it’s surprising how powerful the group work is because of the collective intention and the synergy that’s created by people choosing to transform so quickly. I hope you’ll consider saving a ton of time and money and experiencing massive transformation that’s deep, fast AND long-lasting. Ready to rock the transformation?
Bedrock Beliefs
 In this foundational workshop we cover the beliefs that are at the rock-bottom of your life. Do you feel safe? Do you feel loved? Do you act with full power? Do you speak with full voice? Are you living your potential? Are you able to trust yourself and others? Do you know you deserve love, happiness, success, health, prosperity? Consider upgrading these and a hundred more beliefs that are in the way of what you really want.
Ground Breaking Beliefs
 In this session, we get right into some seriously accelerated cleanup of the subconscious crap you’ve carried since childhood. We release dozens of patterns that get in the way of happiness, release trauma, create a foundation for forgiveness and add a big upgrade in self love and acceptance. These are not just good ideas. These are pieces of a solid foundation that you get to install, integrate and take with you — for keeps. The 200+ beliefs that are part of the two LIFE FOUNDATIONS workshops include many of the truths that we all need to know about ourselves. During the workshops we actually measure what you believe before and after the process of reprogramming beliefs to verify the change. In working with hundreds of people, I haven’t found anyone with these empowering beliefs already locked in, even when they’ve been doing personal work for decades. Isn’t it time for an upgrade? Check out some comments over there — >
NOTE: Since most challenges can be traced back to taproots in the deep, basic beliefs we cover here, I highly recommend taking these LIFE FOUNDATIONS workshops before taking other ROOT CHANGE workshops, like the LIFE BREAKTHROUGH, BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH or MONEY MASTERY courses. Changing your foundational beliefs can support change anywhere else in your life and make transformation easier, quicker and more effective.
• You also get unlimited repeats Even when you’ve done both workshops and are solid on all 200 beliefs that are covered, you’re welcome to come back and do it again—at no extra charge! Repeating the process just takes the subconscious programming deeper and gives you even more value. Everyone who repeats the workshops tells me they’re glad they did. When can I get started? (coming soon on video) email sylvia at for more info ___________________________________________________________ Find and transform some of the most limiting beliefs you have and start having the experience of a strong foundation! Change your beliefs. Change your reality. It really can be that simple.
Keep the Change Guarantee
I’ve seen such remarkable results with this work, I feel totally confident about including a “keep the change” guarantee for any belief you balance and then test strong for in these programs. If for some reason, a belief tests weak again, I’ll rebalance it again for free. In my experience, once you’ve got the empowering belief in place, you don’t go back. Now, how often do you hear that in personal growth work? P.S. Your satisfaction is of course, also guaranteed.
These programs are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice, diagnosis or treatment. You are responsible for your own well being.